Create a Memorable Experience with Animation.


There are many advantages to the use of Flash animation in web design, as it can create a unique and interactive user experience. Flash allows the Web Designer to create animated elements and interactive movies that can be embedded into the webpage design. Flash Animation has become a powerful tool since developers have begun to understand and appreciate its potential to add a personal touch to an otherwise static page. Flash can also be used to create tutorials, self testing exercises and interactive animations, making it a great tool for e-learning. With the majority of the world having Flash Player installed on their computers, your audience is already there, you just need System 5 to help you reach them.


What are the Benefits of Flash?

  • Assists in creating the ‘stickiness’ of a website.
  • Great for online and offline presentations.
  • Seamless website design.
  • Create web animation and full motion graphics.
  • Increase visual appeal, while adding an interactive dynamic.
  • Quickly and effectively present company information/profiles online.
  • Create innovative, memorable advertising, videos and interactive product displays.


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