Exclusive Website Design

Amega Academy

These images are from the subscription area of the e-learning centre. For a front end view of the design, please got to Amega Academy Website.

Amega Academy e-learning centre was commissioned by the North American team of Amega Global, based out of California, USA. The front end of the website was to attract preexisting distributors of their product line, and inform them of the Nationwide and Online training that would made available if they register with the Amega Academy. Once a person registers to the website they are exposed to a host of video training, certified quizzes, news & magazine articles and a complete private messaging (buddy) system where people can communicate with each other about their experiences of being a distributor for the company. The built into the website’s infrastructure is the an online store and forum, to be launch on demand as their future needs expand.

Advanced Website Design

High Tech Detail Cleaning

The HTdetail website was commissioned by the owner of the company to broaden their company’s online exposure as well as to provide their sales staff with an added sales tool. The objective was to create a clean design which clearly displayed their work. The concept of ‘show don’t tell’ becomes the basis of the side by side images and the weekly visual blog updates. With a few SEO tricks and their weekly updates, HTdetail has risen to the top of some of the few key searches that they chose. Try it out for your self – Open a Google search page and type in “Tile and Grout Vancouver.” This has helped their business gain massive exposure – with a direct result of increased sales.

Custom Website Design

Brain Method Production

Brain Method Production’s website was originally created in 2007. It is a fully animated website with built a in dynamic audio player and a full motion menu system. Each page transition has been designed to seamlessly fade between one another, eliminating that instant start and stop process that exists within most web surfing experiences.

Custom Website Design Video Presentation

Custom Website Design Video Presentation

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